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 Our aim is to help people save money and environment by selling at best prices and fixing DJI drones. We do this by constantly improving on our techniques and digging deeper than others.

PROBLEM Currently recycling and reusing electronic gadgets is a cumbersome and complicated process. It’s not entirely user-friendly even in biggest world nations. People are not aware how recycling and being environmentally friendly can help the planet to reduce the impact of humanity. More needs to be done to get people to be conscious of their impact on reducing electronic waste.

VISION Extend life electronic equipment beyond typical expectations. We aim to make this task as easy as possible by encouraging the manufacturers to design their devices with recyclability in mind. We strive to bring the idea that most people don’t need to keep the pace with the latest trending gadgets and are more than happy to get as much use as possible from their investments in electronics.

MISSION To ensure every human on the Earth is aware of how recycling electronic equipment can help them save money and stay conscious of their responsibility to reduce electronic waste. We aim to bring awareness of how manufacturers can work in tandem with the community be responsible for ensuring consumers are best educated how to get the most of their everyday gadgets. Especially when they become faulty or need to be recycled.

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