Super Bright Rear Light >1km


Our Strobe Tail Light is designed to keep you safe during the day and night.

The iStrobe Tail Light is a game changer with 60 lumen of light & built in sensors designed to give maximum pulses of bright light when car head lights are detected.

Look good from behind. The iStrobe Tail Light is the rear bike light for the discerning rider. With side illumination, smart variable intensity strobe modes, and crazy power, you won’t find another light with as much brains and beauty. 

Coming with inter-changeable mounting straps (suited to aero post designs) & outputting 60 lumens of light, our iStrobe tail light has got your back, whatever your ride.

  • 60lm Super Bright LEDs 
  • Smart Technology varies brightness ( 5lm -> 60lm) depending on conditions
  • Upto 30 working hours, usb chargeable 
  • 60 Lumens provide visibility from over 1km day or 4km night for ultimate safety.
  • Be seen with balanced optics designed for 220 degree visibility near and far.
  • Smart Auto Sensor day-time & night visibility modes.
  • Battery save mode at 5% life help ensure a safe ride home with depleted battery
  • Interchangeable strap allows for quick and easy adjustment, mounting, and removal. 
  • Free Shipping

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