Luminax 500 & Rear Light Set


The ROAD 500 is the performance light for the ultimate road cyclist. Packing 500 lumens of light and using two of the latest high-intensity CREE LEDS ensures roads and paths are flooded with light, no matter where you ride. 

With incredible power:weight ratio and dual + constant flash modes, you won’t find another light like this.

LENS : Switchable dual lens optic design to provide a balanced ratio of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path ahead.

INTEGRATED USB PLUG : Designed to be exposed to the elements, 100% waterproof.

BIKE ATTACHMENT : Two attachments for bars 22-28mm & 31.5mm (Alloy out front design).

BATTERY : USB Rechargeable Samsung Lithium Polymer

Battery: Samsung Li-ion 3000mAh
Lumen: 500 lumen output
Run time: Single light 8 hrs .
Twin light 4 hrs
Waterproof IPX 4
Size93.3*56.5*49.3 MM

Weight: 168.5g

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