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PRO Accident Cover

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    • Description

       Comprehensive Support Plans

      Provides two replacement units for a small additional charge in one year and covers kinds of accidents, such as water damage and collisions, giving you peace of mind.  

      • Covers Impact Damage

      • Covers Malfunctions & Liquid Damage

      • Covers Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum, & Mavic Air

      • Covers 100% Comprehensive Parts & Labor

      • Flat  $149 per claim

      • Lost/Stolen products are not covered

      • All original parts/pieces must be returned when filing a claim. Missing items will not be replaced or covered (ie missing gimbal)

      • Over 48 Hours old? No Problem, send your drone in for a free service and we will apply the support plan to your drone.


      What is not covered:  

      1. Remote Control

      2. Batteries.

      Pro Support covers most damage but it does not cover intentional damages of any kind, nor does it cover loss such as theft or a drone “fly away”. It does not cover purposeful damage, misuse, damage due to neglect, fire damage, full immersion in water or salt water exposure. Natural disasters (ie: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wind, storm, fires...etc), or damage that is incurred by an animal or pet (ie: dog chewing) are also not included. It does not cover damage caused by the use of a product in a way not intended by or which voids the warranty of the manufacturer, including 3rd party accessories, add-ons or modifications. 3rd party accessories or add-ons are not covered but the stock drone, remote, propellers and batteries are covered.


      Claims: There is a $149 fee applicable for all claims. Upon shipping your drone back to us (with all parts included new or damaged), we will inspect and diagnose your drone, send you an invoice for $149 fee, once paid your drone is normally ready in 5-7 business days.

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