Located on Sydney Northern Beaches, Australia  2016, DUVOBIKES is  a start-up company offering class-leading products at best prices possible.  

Our On-line bike shop, sells Cycling Power Meters, Personalised Race bikes & wheels.

We are incredibly passionate about bikes and we love riding, with over 60 years combined experience in track, stage racing, time trials & bike building. We try to put all that passion, experience and dedication into everything we do here at DUVOBIKES.



Our Carbon Frames and Carbon Clincher aero wheels are up to half the price of our high street equivalents ( Zipp 303 etc). As we work smarter we have no high street rents to pay and as we buy direct we don't pay for distributor and brand mark-ups. We rely on word of mouth and personal recommendation which mean we don't have big marketing budgets and sponsorship campaigns to pay for. This is how we do business - we are in control of the whole process from the drawing board to assembly and customer service guaranteed with an easy returns and warranty. When you buy from us, you're dealing directly with us, which means that we can take care of you right the way through the process.


Duvobikes is a small Sydney based start up company with ambition. Our first product is designed to be strong, light and reliable.  All our products are designed by us, developed using our experience, and assembled right here in Sydney. We're proud of our products and we take a great deal of care over every step in the process. You can buy our products exclusively through this website or over the phone .

email duvobikes@gmail.com