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DJI Mavic Pro Troubleshooting

DJI Mavic Pro Troubleshooting

Your drone does not show signs of powering on.

The battery pack of the aircraft should have four lit green LED lights when it is turned on and fully charged. Ensure that the drone is charged for at least one hour. If the aircraft still does not turn on after charging its battery, the battery may need to be replaced with a new one. Warranty is limited/

Turning on the controller is a common issue for users. Try firmly pushing the power button once and release. Then, quickly press power again and hold the button for about three to four seconds until the controller turns on.

Your remote controller disconnects during flight.

The disconnection issue could be with the smartphone's connection with the DJI Go 4 app. First, check whether you are logged into your DJI account in the Go 4 app. Make sure that your smartphone or tablet has notifications from other apps turned off to ensure that the smartphone is running optimally. The connection can easily be dropped if too heavy a load is placed on the phone processor.

This is a common issue. Remove the supplied cable and replace with a high quality USB cable. When connecting your mobile device, we recommend using the bottom USB port.

Over time, the USB port can become damaged. To arrange a repair call 0455880407

Many Mavic Pro users remove their micro SD card from the drone and plug the card into an SD card reader on a computer. Frequent use of an SD card can wear out its connection, and using an SD card improperly can corrupt its file system. If your SD card is corrupted, try reformatting it. If it is worn out or unable to be formatted, replace it.

As the distance increases between you and your drone, the chance of the Mavic Pro disconnecting from the DJI Go 4 app or remote controller increases.

When the remote controller disconnects, the DJI Mavic Pro should initiate the failsafe return to home mode which is set during takeoff. If you can see The Mavic Pro, move towards it. Make sure the remote controller antenna is facing towards your drone and take into account the height of the drone when pointing the antennas. Turn the remote controller off and then back on. If The Mavic Pro still is not connected then allow it to return to the set home point.

If the disconnection issues continue and other solutions fail, be sure to update the Mavic Pro firmware. Make sure this is performed in a cool area. Do not allow your drone to overheat.

Your drone's GPS will not connect automatically.

Be sure to update the Mavic Pro firmware to fix possible GPS connection problems.

The GPS issue might not physically be a problem with the drone itself. There are many signals the drone is outputting and receiving, so obstacles like buildings, waterfalls, power lines, and metal objects can cause GPS signal loss. Try moving to a new location that avoids anything that might cause interference.

Your DJI Mavic Pro is spinning or wandering.

The issue might not physically be a problem with the drone. There are many signals the drone is outputting and receiving, so obstacles like buildings, waterfalls, power lines, and anything metal can cause some interference with the signals, so the drone would spin. Try moving to a new location that avoids anything that might cause interference.

The controller stick and the drone compass could be causing a problem with the way the drone flies. The stick and compass are parts of the drone that need to be calibrated every once in awhile so the drone performs its best. To calibrate the compass, go to the DJI GO 4 app on your phone, select “aircraft status bar”, “compass”, “calibrate”. Then follow the rest of the instructions on the app. To calibrate the controller sticks, go to the DJI GO 4 app, select “general setting” then select the icon that looks like a controller, select “remote controller calibration”. The app guides you through the rest of the instructions.

As you use your drone, parts might start to wear down, such as the motors or propellers. If the drone is spinning in small circles, it is likely that the propellers or the motors are causing the issue. Depending on over usage or if any crashes occurred, it is possible that the propellers are dulled out, bent, or broken. It is also possible that the motor bearings are damaged or the shaft is bent. If this is the case, these parts need to be replaced.

Your DJI Mavic Pro records shaky or tilted video.

The Mavic Pro has camera limitations to keep in mind while recording video, such as frame rate and video definition. Beginners should consider recording in cinematic mode to slow down drone movements and camera panning, resulting in better video.

With the Mavic Pro powered off, turn your device upside-down and inspect the gimbal. The gimbal tabs should be below their retaining tabs, in order to prevent the camera from touching the drone body. Push loose tabs in and then follow calibration instructions. If this does not resolve your issue please book a repair with duvolab and we will have it repaired within 1-2 days. 0455880407

Many video problems can be solved by calibrating the gimbal/camera assembly. To calibrate, unfold the Mavic Pro and turn it on, with the DJI app open on your mobile device as well. In the app, tap the three dots in the top right corner to enter General Settings. Touch the camera icon and then press "Auto Calibrate Gimbal."

Should you require any assistance please call 0455880407 or email duvolab@outlook.com and we will be happy to assist.

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