We recommend Australia Express Post Service

Please send your drone to ;

Simon Coughlan

C/O duvolab Service Center

76 Grandview drive


2106 NSW


It`s important that you package yoaur drone securely. The last thing we want is for it to get damaged in transit. We recommend sending your drone in the original packaging if possible with at least (5cm) of extra bubble wrap or foam material keeping moving parts steady

Make sure your drone is covered all the way around, with every side and edge protected. Once wrapped up tightly and secured with tape, place the drone inside a sturdy box. The remote should also be wrapped with an appropriate amount of bubble wrap/cushioning. Accessories should kept with you unless otherwise specified. Any empty spaces should be filled with soft material to ensure the drone and any parts cannot move inside the box and knock into each other. Close and seal all sides of the box with strong packing tape at least 5cm wide. Tape all seams and flaps down flat to ensure the drone cannot escape.

Step 1:

Find a box that will fit both the drone and controller. This can be your original packaging or anything else you can find. Make sure it’s sturdy though!

Step One

Step 2:

Roll up some bubble wrap and pack both sides of the camera gimbal. Anything that moves needs to be secured.

Step Two

Step 3:

Wrap bubble wrap around all of the motors and arms.

Step Three

Step 4:

Wrap bubble wrap around the main body of the drone. Front to back and side to side.

Step Four

Step 5:

That’s the drone all wrapped up, now it’s time to wrap up the controller. Make sure all aerials are folder down and all smart device holder are also collapsed. Then roll it up in bubble wrap.

Step Five

Step 6:

Now it’s time to pack the drone and remote in the box. Pack the bottom of the box with adequate bubble wrap.

Step Six

Step 7:

Make sure that any space around the drone, remote and the top is filled with enough bubble wrap to protect it and stop it from moving about inside the box.

Step Seven

Step 8:

Make sure that the drone box is sealed securely on all sides using strong tape so that the drone cannot escape.

Step Eight

Step 9:

Make sure to wrap your box now in brown packing paper or plastic wrapping. This is especially important if you use the original packaging as it can deter theft.

Step Nine

Step 10:

Now your box is all packaged and wrapped up, all you need to do now is attach your postage label.

Step Ten


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